Change Log

This is where you can keep current on all of the changes that take place to the site. New records are added whenever a significant enough change has occurred.

May 13, 2017
Fixes to improve speed and reliability
Updated cache mechanisms to work as expected
Made some back end improvements to speed up some processes
February 25, 2017
Improved speed and reliability
Various back end fixes
July 02, 2016
Fixed issue with comment rendering
July 01, 2016
Created a new Privacy Policy
Created a new Terms of Use
Updated some forms to add more helpful details
June 26, 2016
Added social bar to navigate to our main social media pages
Added login / friend / un-friend buttons to profile pages
More back end optimizations
Updated stylesheets
Changed view and comment count on content pages to make more mobile friendly
Updated some pages to make them more mobile friendly
Fixed Pinterest descriptions to remove (+) symbols where spaces should have been
Added Pinterest Verification code for content
Added Pinterest Account for social media
Added Instagram Account for social media
Updated Google + account information for accuracy
Updated Facebook account information for accuracy
June 25, 2016
Added the ability to add favorites
Added the ability to add friends
Added the ability to login from anywhere and return to previous page
Added button to tags section on content pages to show and hide tags
Added user's image next to new comment block on content pages
Added new favorite and friend buttons around the site
Updated profile pages to accommodate the new changes
Completed some back end optimizations
March 30, 2016
Fixed issue where joke view count wasn't being saved correctly
Fixed issue when users uploaded pictures and source url wasn't being saved correctly
March 29, 2016
Added the ability to copy current url to the clipboard so users have an easy way to share content on mobile devices
* New clipboard functionality is touch and go on safari browser. (100% compatible with chrome, ff, and IE9+)
February 21, 2016
Fixed issue with tags not saving correctly with spaces and commas
Tags can now be saved with "-" between words
January 31, 2016
Added previous and next buttons
Cleaned up front end code on several pages
Fixed issue with URLs on some of the images pages
January 19, 2016
Cleaned up front end code and styles
Updated media pages to provide consistency across site
January 02, 2016
Added social media icons to media pages
December 29, 2015
Added new best practices for the [Re]Sizer
Did some work on the back end
December 27, 2015
Added register button to navigation bar
Added RSS feed buttons to media index and viewing pages
Updated search bar and functionality
Fixed issue with email system when registering or contacting admin
November 10, 2015
Added user image to contributed by section of media
optimized some code in the back end
fixed bug with incorrect default image appearing in comment blocks
November 05, 2015
Tweaked some styles
Changed how index pages are displayed
Added media links to headers of home page for ease of navigation on mobile devices
Added view and comment counts to main and index pages
Started setting up framework for social networking
November 03, 2015
Added profile image of comment poster to comment sections
Added links to the profile of comment poster to comment sections
Tweaked some code in the back end
November 02, 2015
Huge update to profiles!
Completely reworked how profiles look both privately to the user and public facing
Added an account management console to profiles
Added a way for users to upload a profile image
Added a way for users to add a small bio
Added ways to update bio, email, image, nsfw options, and password
Added a light-box to profile images so users can view a full size image of profile pic
Cleaned up some code around the site
Fixed the remember me functionality when logging in. Users will now be logged in for 30 days instead of just a few hours
October 28, 2015
Updated reporting functionality
Added reporting to comments
October 27, 2015
Updated the media viewing pages
Updated the tags browsing pages
October 22, 2015
Added the [Re]Sizer to resize images
Added a button to the [Re]Sizer on the [D]Motivator page
October 19, 2015
Fixed inactive media from displaying in search results
Added new search page
Updated search results page
Updated navigation to include new search page
Updated search algorithm
October 04, 2015
Implemented new Lightbox system for viewing images
added flippers to make navigating profiles and search pages easier
October 01, 2015
Added loading icons
Added ability for users to report bad media
Forms will now tell you required fields before submitting
Added extra security to all forms
Fixed wording on some forms
September 15, 2015
Updated some styles
added a back to top button to several pages that would normally require a bit of scrolling
some back end cleanup
August 09, 2015
Updated some styles
Fixed broken urls
July 31, 2015
Relaunched Site
February 01, 2015
Fixed issue with "Remember Me" functionality
December 14, 2014
Refactored entire back end
minor improvements here and there
September 28, 2014
Improved voting system
cleaned up stylesheet and fixed a few issues
November 28, 2013
Updated voting system
Cleaned up garbage collection and disposal for temporary users
November 25, 2013
Repaired registration mail bug, registration emails will now process and be sent as expected
More site wide speed improvements
November 15, 2013
Improved some back end code to speed up fetching of data
Removed comment count from index pages
November 10, 2013
Did more tweaking to improve page loading times
October 30, 2013
Minor improvements throughout site
Improved how Contact page functions. Now informs user whether message went through or not instead of redirecting upon success.
Minor back-end improvements
October 29, 2013
Improved loading speed on Tags and Search Pages
Added simple search functionality to Tags and Search Pages
Fixed issue with FAQ Page
May 05, 2013
Did some back end maintenance
Preparing for more features
April 19, 2013
Minor bug fixes
Removed ads throughout the site
April 15, 2013
Fixed an issue where search results page was only showing 1 view for all items.
April 08, 2013
Added the ability to reset you password if password is forgotten
To use this new feature, go to the Login page and attempt a login
Updated stylesheet
February 05, 2013
Fixed minor bug with cache system
February 02, 2013
Improved style sheet
Improved cache system - Pages should now load even faster
November 24, 2012
Compressed JavaScript throughout the site
Improved site maps
November 22, 2012
Made sorting by selection better on media pages
November 21, 2012
Added hover text to links
Updated style sheet
Edited formatting in many places
More minor edits
November 17, 2012
Fixed issue with search page not displaying all results from search
November 16, 2012
Fixed error where duplicate tags were being saved
Updated tags table to remove duplicates
November 01, 2012
Several updates to back end
Fixed bug with voting
October 28, 2012
Updated tags and search pages
Most searches will now give more results
October 13, 2012
Improved registration system
More back end improvements
More site speed improvements
October 11, 2012
Back end improvements
Significant speed improvements throughout entire site
October 04, 2012
Corrected bug with remember me feature. Now working as expected.
October 01, 2012
Added a much requested "Remember Me" feature to the Login Page
Some cosmetic changes
Updated style sheet
Removed DTV page and movie upload feature with plans to add back in near future.
September 10, 2012
Added new NSFW option for page selection on specific media pages (Must be a member and logged in to view)
Modified reset password feature (Must be a member and logged in, located in profile page)
September 08, 2012
Further improvements to Tags Page
September 07, 2012
Updated code for the login page
Updated code for the tags page
Added new "Back to Top" button on tags page
Users should see improved speeds on tags page
Various other site speed improvements
September 03, 2012
Updated search page to include Google badge
Updated CSS
Changed "Found at:" to "Source:" on image viewing pages
Updated source links on image viewing pages
August 04, 2012
Added new RSS feeds to media pages!
Pictures RSS
Posters RSS
Jokes RSS
August 01, 2012
Updated the [D]Motivator Page
Added better functionality to [D]Motivator page
Added a new display page for [D]motivator posters
July 15, 2012
Updated URL procedures
Updated sitemap to include images
RSS/ATOM feeds coming soon
July 09, 2012
Did maintenance on several pages
Updated the upload of tag information for images
July 07, 2012
Added new random image selector to single image pages.
July 06, 2012
Fixed issue where tags would not save properly when switching misplaced images
Added links to the social panel to direct users to pages without having to add to groups
Made more back end improvements
June 26, 2012
Changed Google+ button to the "Badge" to help users discover us on Google+
Sped up various parts of site
Sped up contact mailing
Updated registration emails
June 12, 2012
Made more back end improvements
May 27, 2012
Made various back end improvements
Reverted favicon for cross browser issues
May 21, 2012
Made various back end improvements
May 21, 2012
Fixed pagination issues on media pages, now properly parses
April 21, 2012
Excessively updated [D]Motivator functionality
Added a download button to the [D]Motivator output page to quickly download images
Updated the appearance of change log
April 17, 2012
Added a Pinterest button
Added a Tumblr button
April 14, 2012
Updated FAQ to make navigation easier
Added a donation button to the contact page
Added a Digg button to pages for social sharing
Added a Reddit button to pages for social sharing
April 13, 2012
Added Change log to keep users up to date in one place
Updated FAQ
Added tag count to Tags page
April 12, 2012
Added Twitter account at @dmotivated
Added StumbleUpon badges to media pages so users could share media
Added Twitter buttons to media pages so users could share media
Changed layout of social buttons
April 11, 2012
Added a FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions
Moved Contact button to footer of page
Updated Tags page
April 09, 2012
Updated information on Login Page
Updated information on Contact Page
Updated Landing Page to show more images
March 23, 2012
Changed icon from static to animated
Changed icon style
March 17, 2012
Added lightbox to improve viewing images
Added a permalink to media pages for direct link to media for sharing
March 13, 2012
Improved uploading experience
Improved uploading speeds
Added "Previous" and "Next" buttons when viewing individual media
March 09, 2012
Brought site down for several days to do some major back end overhauls
Returned site operation
March 02, 2012
Added the ability to upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images
Added the ability to either block or allow NSFW imagery in member profile
Updated "Account Management" section in member profile
Added functionality so that only members could view NSFW images
February 28, 2012
Fixed issue when registering as a new member to the site
Found a kick ass picture of a cat to use on the maintenance page
January 27, 2012
Updated member profiles
Added an "Account Management" section to member profiles
Logout button moved to member profile page
January 24, 2012
Improved Facebook and Google+ functionality
January 22, 2012
Added member profiles
January 20, 2012
Improved the [D]Motivator
January 17, 2012
Added a Tags page to search for specific media
January 15, 2012
Improved the way images are uploaded
January 05, 2012
Added the [D]Motivator for creating personal demotivational posters
November 09, 2011
Added "Random" button to view pages to shuffle media for selection
November 07, 2011
Integrated a Facebook fan page
Integrated a Google+ fan page
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