Unfair Prices

A horse walks into a bar and orders a beer.

The bartender is in shock, an actual horse just walked into his bar, sat down at the bar like a person, and ordered a beer in perfect English.

He tells the horse, "I'm sorry sir, I just have to go speak to my manager for a moment."

So the bartender goes to the back, and explains the situation to his manager.

The manager thinks for a moment and then says to the bartender, "Okay look, this is a bar so go ahead and serve that horse a beer. However considering he's a horse, he probably doesn't know how much beer costs, so go ahead and charge him $50 for it."

The bartender shrugs and goes back to the front, where the horse is still sitting, visibly watching football on the TV. The bartender gets to the bar and asks the horse,

"Okay, what'll you have?"

The horse turns back around and says,

"Gimme an IPA"

So the bartender pours him an IPA, and slides the beer across to him. He then slowly slides the $50 check across the bar to the horse. The horse picks up the check with his hooves, passively looks at it, pulls out his credit card, slowly slides it and the check back, and then calmly goes back to watching the game as he laps his beer. Now the bartender is still confused, the situation is difficult to get his head around, but he doesn't want to risk offending a 1000 lb horse by asking the wrong questions.

So he opts to start some small talk and says to the horse, "You know, we don't really have too many horses coming in here."

The horse slowly, impassively turns back around to face the bartender and replies, "You know with prices like these I'm not surprised."

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