An Email To Mother

A blonde is on vacation and runs out of money. She wants to write an e-mail to her mother so that her mother can send her some. She goes to an internet cafe and goes up to the guy at the desk.

She says: "I'm sorry, but I'm broke and I really need to contact my mother. Is there any way I could do that for free? I don't even have enough to pay the fee here."

The guy at the front desk asks her in his creepiest voice: "Do you really need to contact your mother?"

"Yes" she answers. "I really need to contact my mother."

"And you would do anything?"

"Yes I would do anything to contact my mother."

"Really anything?"

Exasperated, the blonde answers: "Yes, yes, yes, I would do anything."

"Well, then." the guy says "Why don't you just follow me to the back room."

So she does. The guy pulls down his pants. The blonde is a bit irritated at first, but thinks that what must be must be. He pulls down his underpants.

"Well," He says "Do it!"

So the blonde gets down on her knees in front of him. She licks her lips. She bends forward and whispers: "Hello, mom? Can you hear me?"

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May 18, 2014 at 06:19 AM
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